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What you're doing using Lazarus?

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering, what you're doing by using Lazarus right now?
Like what projects are you making with it, what aspects you're depending on etc.

Right now? I'm not, I'm using FreeCAD and a 3D printer to produce some precision insulators/guides.

In the wider picture: data collection from remote embedded equipment, data presentation and forwarding on behalf of customers, local test programs in support thereof, embedded scripting using a derivative of Meta-2 that supports language extensions. Various things related to high-precision timing, camera control and reliable communications. Much else.

Longer term: an embedding of Python into Lazarus to support various Inkscape addons. Hopefully port Tree Meta to augment/replace my long-term use of Meta-2. Much else (Deo volente).



Sorry to be a party pooper.
I never use Lazarus.
Freepascal with a simple ide (Dev-Pascal ide for instance) does me.


--- Quote from: BobDog on September 04, 2021, 10:37:47 am ---I never use Lazarus.

--- End quote ---

Horses for courses. Particularly if interfacing with a piece of workbench equipment I try to support both GUI and non-GUI where possible. That typically means two separate programs, but I also try- where possible- to have a single binary which runs non-GUI if there are command-line parameters.


I'm working on a data entry and graphical display program for my home lab. Next I'm going to try to port my existing C microcontroller programs to use Pascal on ESP8266. For those microcontrollers I will also move away from web based access and use a GUI program instead.

I really don't want any of my projects to depend on browsers at all anymore.


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