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GTK or QT?

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--- Quote from: bitman on September 07, 2021, 11:00:05 pm ---I will follow your advice and go with QT, while regularly recompiling for GTK (as sanity check) and more seldomly for Windows (which is the one I've access to); will have to wait until a beta version to try on Mac though ;(
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For general tests you could also use WINE instead of Windows. Of course there might be differences between that and Windows itself, but for general tests that might be faster (at least if you need to reboot to test on Windows; if you have a separate computer or a VM that's a different topic).


--- Quote from: bitman on September 07, 2021, 11:00:05 pm ---
I wasn't aware that QT could be used on Windows and Mac too... I mean, I know it is crossplatform, but didn't know could also be used via Lazarus in those platforms...

I feel attracted to the idea however, of using QT as engine for all platforms, mainly for its theming capabilities... I know I cannot use mac UI theme on Win nor Linux, but what about the "Fusion" theme (QT own theme)??? could my app use it across all platforms?  Well, I ask this mostly for aesthetic reasons, to achieve an uniform look across platforms; but seeing other people mentioning setting up QT for mac may be hassle, it might not be worth the effort.

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Qt/Qt5 uses native theming on Mac and Win, so app looks exactly same as other OS apps.

@Bitman did not say if he intends to distribute the software and under what conditions.
Possibly there are significant licensing issues between GTK and QT (for commercial products)?

Qt is LGPL

I use native on Win and Mac, gtk2 on Lin.

I found using QT caused additional complications with no benefit. Perhaps the eventual transition to gtk3 will change my mind, but we saw very rapid development of cocoa when carbon went south.

BTW, I develop on Mac, and recompile on Win and Lin using VirtualBox.

EDIT: You can use either on Lin, and still use native on Win and Mac.


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