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VST node height wrong on 4K display.

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New laptop with a 4K display.  Latest version of Lazarus, Windows 10.
VST used for looking at a data array.
Header font size and header size needed to be adjusted, were, and the header is fine.
Nodes do not display properly.
Lines are very thin and almost invisible.
Node spacing seems to be fixed.  Setting default node size does not change anything.
Font size can be changed, but spacing between lines of characters remains constant.  Characters are trimmed to fit available space.
Rest of display, images, fonts, buttons, string grids, etc., display properly.

Where is the spacing parameter set and by what? 

Setting DPI on the form doesn't help (or change anything) either.  A second, non-4K display has the same problem .


Pls, attach some screenshot of the problem, and zip with compilable project.

Here is the screen shot. with the code.

I likely hardcoded the path to the data, which of course, is a problem

The code is complete, though. 

I'm having another problem with keeping the IDE from crashing when trying to load the program, so it's not easy to give you a working version.

Sorry, this project is of no use. It contains a third-party package (dw_Controls) which is not readily available; I removed the TDWChipList and the TColorPalette from the code and the lfm file, and still the project does not compile because of some TTextStream which is not found. Then I gave up.

Please remove everything unneeded from this project so that it compiles with a standard installation of Lazarus. Otherwise nobody can help you.

And BTW: what is the "latest" version of Lazarus? 2.0.12? 2.2RC1? Trunk? And where do you have the VTV from? Which version? No all VTV versions out there are compatible with LCL scaling.

Firstly, *I* am the third party packages. 
The problem is not with them.
Secondly, it would be easier for me to just have a dummy project for this than anything else.  I'll do that.
Hang on a bit, and thanks for trying.


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