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I have noticed that there are statuses of membership:
New Member
Full Member
Sr. Member
Hero Member

What are all possible memberships?
What are criteria to be eligible for one or other membership tire?

It just depends on how many posts you have...



--- Quote from: Bart on August 22, 2021, 02:07:13 pm ---It just depends on how many posts you have...
--- End quote ---

(I don’t have access to administrative settings, so I can’t tell you which groups actually exist and how [what post count] they are assigned.)

At the moment they mostly represent the post-count. (afaik those groups came as default)
I.e. there are no additional rights bound to them.

The exception is the newbie state, which limits a few things (such as editing the signature) that are often used by spammers.

There are also groups such as "moderator" or "admin".

And there are groups for language boards (currently only Arabic has such a group, others may follow). This can be joined by each user via their profile. So if you want to join the Arabic board....

Internally there are other groups, that moderators can use to limit rights, if and where that is necessary (rarely happens).

I have spent the last 10 years as a "New Member" and only last week (after I found my old login credentials to begin posting again) I graduated to the next level  :D


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