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Drag selection TLabelEditBox with out mouse down
« on: August 20, 2021, 08:56:19 am »
LUbuntu 64bit + Lazarus 12.0.10

I have a window with a group of TLabelEditBoxes.
They all have DragMode set to Automatic. (Setting to Maual and calling DragStart puts it into the same state)

Clicking (mouse down and mouse up) inside any of them enables highlighting with any mouse movement within the Editbox.
There is NO key or mouse down.

Mouse movement around the containing window will start the highlighting as soon as the cursor enters the control.
It is as if the Mouse Button Up event is missed.

Clicking a second time to dis-engage the highlighting just selects a segment of the text.
When drag and dropping from one EditBox to another, the source goes into this highlight enabled state and cannot be brought back even after selecting a different  editbox.

Is this a Linux thing? It is driving me nuts

Thanks for the help
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