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Gustavo 'Gus' Carreno:
Hey Tim,

--- Quote from: timppl on August 23, 2021, 07:23:52 am ---Gustavo, I tried your solution but could not get it to work.

--- End quote ---

Humm, that's rather strange, I would swear that the way windows works it should work. At least what I thought would be the way Windows would look for the extension.
Maybe I'm confused and it's only possible if you use the cmd.exe.
I guess that the extension guessing does not apply when Lazarus is running it under a TProcess.

--- Quote from: timppl on August 23, 2021, 07:23:52 am ---I did some playing around and found a solution. Instead of using a script, I rewrote it in pascal and compiled a version for linux and one for windows. Then in the execute after I put

--- Quote ---$MakeExe($(ProjSrcPath)/clean_after)
--- End quote ---
The MakeExe macro does nothing under linux so that "clean_after" is executed, and under windows it adds .exe to the name so that "clean_after.exe" is executed.
Once I worked this out it seemed so simple :D.

 Thanks Lazarus devs for this facility

--- End quote ---

Oddly enough, this was exactly what I was trying to achieve, LOL :D !!
Well, almost. I was trying with the .bat instead of the .exe.
But HEY, it works, so problem solved :)

Looks like I need to revisit my knowledge of how, if even it does, TProcess looks for the extension of an executable file when you don't include it.


Hi all

The small problem with this can occur if cross compiling, because $MakeExe uses the build target to name the executable, so, for example, building a Win32 target on linux it looks for foo.exe.

Those clever Lazarus developers have thought of this as well  :D.
In later varsions of Lazarus ( certainly from 2.0.12 ) there is a $MakeExe which takes two parameters so you can do $MakeExe(ide, $(ProjSrcPath)/foo) which will rename foo according to the OS that the IDE is running under.


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