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Incomplete display controls with GTK3

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I would need to start working with GTK3 and I am using lazarus 2.0.12. For now, the basic controls are enough for me. I created a simple form with a DBGrid and a toolbar, the toolbar doesn't work and the DBGrid gives me black shadows like in the attached drawing. How can I solve?

Anyone know how to view a dbgrid with gtk3?

Jurassic Pork:
 :-\  have a look here

--- Quote ---I am not sure in Lazarus  that gtk3 is ready for all the components ? is it true?   QT5 seems to be a good alternative and multiplateform.
--- End quote ---

Friendly, J.P


No problems here - see screenshot:

Yellow form, fuchsia toolbar, white DBgrid.

fpc 3.2, Lazarus 2,0.12  on Linux 64 (Suse Tumbleweed)


Try connecting it with a DB. I tried with lazarus 2.3.0 and it doesn't work there either. Or I have something wrong. I use Mint xfce latest version
I would need gtk3 to try brodway, I need it as the one I used before there were some problems.


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