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There is a CPU Registers window in Lazarus, but I've never seen it working properly: it just displays random numbers which never update. This happens under either Windows and Linux, so I guess it's not something with my OS. I'm using Lazarus 2.1.0. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

I assume you are using the gdb based debugger?  If so it may be similar to issue 38534, which was fixed in commit 433bb3d.  Do you have a simple test to demonstrate the behaviour?

Edit: There is a similar issue (fix not yet incorporated) with marking changed registers in fpdebug, but at least the register values should be correct I think.

Which 2.1 revision? (Current "trunk" is 2.3)

Older that the fix that ccrause linked?

Steps to reproduce?

Do the register show some "unavail" or "evaluating" message when you step?

On Linux with Lazarus 2.0.12 and the gdb based debugger the register contents follows my expectation, see attached debugging session.

Вернее всего человек не включил нужный формат числа (шестнадцатеричное?).

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Most likely, the person did not include the required number format (hexadecimal?).


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