Author Topic: Firebird UDF, Error ESQLDatabaseError : 08003 at the second call in the proc  (Read 11475 times)


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The exception:
ESQLDatabaseError : 08003 - TIBConnection : DoInternalConnect :
 -connection shutdown

I tried the IBConnection just for fun yesterday, and i got the same error.
I just tried it in the designer with setting active.
The first time i set active, it works.. Then i set active false, and again setting to active.
Now i get this error.
And none other components like Zeos DBconnection is working either after this.

I guess it is something with the IBConnection.
For test I created a simple UDF library using IBConnection and it works fine. Your problem may not be related to this problem. In this case, the IBConnection component is created each time the UDF is called, not reused.


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I couldn't solve the problem, so i started using ZeosDBO instead of TIBConnection. Thanks for the help, suggestions.


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