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New Lazarus program
« on: July 27, 2021, 12:51:11 am »
    Hello again. No, this isn't about VirtualU though a new version does exist for download. We just
had to make some minor changes such as the ones shown below.
    *The background color of the VirtualU opening page has been changed from white to black.
    *The program usually performs a one-time test in which the Custom page moves on its own to the left
and then upward. On only one occasion during this test the Custom page kept moving until it was out of
sight, causing the program to basically crash. This rare bug has been fixed and will never happen again.
    *User prompts have been updated.
    *Some changes were made to the edge softening page.
    This is really about a new Lazarus program named Lotto7 which will be available soon. Lott7 provides true
random numbers for lottery betting and also analyzes lists of past winning numbers to predict future winning
numbers. Of course, statisticians will say that it's impossible to predict future events of chance based on past
winning numbers but Lott7 in fun attempts it anyway. After all, a true gambler knows different, right? Ask a
blackjack player if he or she believes in the pyramid scheme which involves "winning by losing".
    Anyway, Lott7 is a hoot to use and lott7.gif is attached for reference. The user starts the bouncing of the
basketball which produces a truly random number in the first row as opposed to a pseudo-random number.
    The third row produces numbers that are "due" to appear. We don't know how the second row works except
that it's complicated and intricate. We plan to copy it verbatim to Lott7 from our old turbo program lowtry1.exe.
    Max the cartoon character blinks his eyes and occasionally winks unless shut off by the user. You'll notice
that the picture and videos have internal and external edge softening, heh, heh.
    We would like to assemble a suite or package of programs made with Lazarus for distribution and we are
considering that. You know, nifty programs like a sound wave evaluator, non-load dependent video player like
MPlayer but using TImages instead of TControl panels, Lott7, VirtualU et al and stuff like that.
    VirtualU may not be able to edge all images but what it can do it does well. It's internal edging system is
limited to solid colors though its external capabilities are broad, especially in both cases when dealing with the
"fobidden colors" which are Red/Green and Blue/Yellow. However, in all these cases the solution is to do a
Default+SoftType edging session. The Default system can "prepare" the image for SoftType edging which is
similar to Apple TrueType and Microsoft ClearType. SoftType can turn raster-scan type into edge-softened
images but for the highest quality text it's of course best to use Apple or Microsoft text.
    However, VirtualU can also edge videos which is no small feat. Also, SoftType itself has two alternative
methods (primary or secondary) so altogether the user ends up with 5 edge softening methods to choose from.
    Thanks for your patience, for letting us ramble, to huckster, to keep things active and to be involved which is
so important. We'll try to ease back a bit until Lott7.exe is ready and then we'll be back.


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