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Hello Guys,

Please have a look at my Attachement.

You Should see an "X" at each right side of the three Cubes.
I have to show somehow that there is a Split of my "Worm". Does any1 have any idea how to show this in a better way ?

People have to Notice that there is a Split... doesn't matter how i just want people to understand. And second objective is the appearance of All together.

PLEASE any Reply is Welcome im just stupid and can't find any good Solution.

Btw. i do not have any space between those Cubes left but i can repaint the Sides ... already have the Code just dont know what to draw.

Thanks in advice

If you were able to move the glyph onto the faces (i.e. all faces) then you could shade the edges slightly to make them look curved or bevelled.

Alternatively why not move or tilt alternating glyphs forwards/backwards?


Sorry couldn't follow ..
what do u mean by "Alternatively why not move or tilt alternating glyphs forwards/backwards?"

I do not want to change the "Snake" itself  :-[

If u have a better solution on where to put the pictures (it should still look "clean" (by clean i mean you MUST recognice the Picture)) then any is welcome.

I'm not good at Graphical things this was my first bigger Project with graphics so pls don't kill me xD (i know this looks like trash  %))


Just draw the 3D rectangle aat position x in another eye-catching color.

That should be possible without big graphic knowledge.


I would suggest paint those sides with semitransparent color, 60% black for example:


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