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We are now using GIT

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Lazarus has moved

The new official repository is now available at

All bug-reports have been moved to Gitlab too, and the new tracker can be found at the above address.

Mirrors for Git read access are at

Couple of notes/rules.

* Mirrors are read only. If you find a way to post a note/issue/pull-request, be prepared to see it ignored. We are not checking for them
* GITHUB: the svn mirror is a side-effect. Use it at your own risk, if needs must. There is no support. Revisions there will likely not match the old/original svn. Revisions from that mirror can not be used for issue reports or anything, as we do not know (nor check) whatever Github hands out to you.
FPC has moved
FPC bugs has also moved.

[Edited to indicate move complete]

Very cool.

Was FPC issue tracker fully moved over? I can't find any of the recent issues, i.e.
At least some of the old ones as well, actually.

Also, any plans for redirects? The old links are giving rather unhelpful 403 messages.

Artlav, this announcement is only for Lazarus. FPC will have its own repository, tracker, etc. (that is, if I understood correctly; I'm not a core developer in any of the projects :-[)

I see the Lazarus bugtracker has been moved. But where do I find reports from the "CCR" section of the old bugtraker?


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