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Lazarus 2.2.0RC1 IDE could not find FPC sources in /usr/local/share/fpcsrc/3.2.2

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My macOS version is Big Sur 11.5

I installed 

When I launched Lazarus, there was error in the window Configure Lazarus IDE
In the item 'FPC sources'
the path  '/usr/local/share/fpcsrc/3.2.2' does not exist.

The 2nd error is that 'Debugger' is blank.
Nothing could be selected.
It means that I should install the debugger manually.

This is the problem of Lazarus installation in macOS.

My experience in Windows 10, installation of Lazarus set the FPC sources and Debugger automatically.
I do not need to configure, and it runs smooth in Windows 10.

I suggest the installation more friendly in macOS.
Or, can someone let me know how to configure it manually?

1. It's unclear to me whether you found where your FPC sources are installed?

2. Please see the Wiki instructions which detail how to configure the debugger.

1. I found the FPC sources are installed in /usr/local/share/fpcsrc/3.2.0
    I copy the content of   /usr/local/share/fpcsrc/3.2.0    to   /usr/local/share/fpcsrc/3.2.2
    It seems working well, but there is a warning that the FPC sources is version 3.2.0

2. According to the instructions,
    My debugger is setting OK.
    The Lazarus can run now.

Thank you!

Honestly, if the src were originally in /usr/local/share/fpcsrc/3.2.0 and Lazarus tells you they are 3.2.0 I would strongly suspect that they are in fact 3.2.0

Please check that you installed the right package, consider removing the src and reinstalling, watching what the package tells you what it is as it installs.

You should not mix the fpc 3.2.2 compiler with 3.2.0 source code, will cause you confusion later on.


I have confirmed that this release candidate 1 of the Lazarus IDE v2.2 incorrectly installs the FPC source to /usr/local/share/fpcsrc/3.2.0.

I renamed the directory (I'm assuming the source really is 3.2.2) to /usr/local/share/fpcsrc/3.2.2 and Lazarus was happy.

Unlike the original poster, Lazarus had configured the debugger correctly and I did not need to do anything other than select dwarf-3 on the first compilation of the nothing program with which Lazarus starts.

My installation was on a brand new, clean installation of Big Sur 11.5 on a 2018 Intel Mac mini.

I have noted the directory issue and another issue in the Lazarus RC1 announcement thread.


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