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Qt5 and Wayland problem

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User of my app writes:

--- Quote ---CudaText QT5 installed on Arch Linux via AUR
Using Wayfire (Wayland) compositor

On startup I just get this error:

[FORMS.PP] ExceptionOccurred
  Exception=Access violation
  Stack trace:
[FORMS.PP] ExceptionOccurred

I can successfully start and run it via XWayland if I start like this:

QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb cudatext

Since Qt5 supports Wayland natively it would be better if it worked without the XWayland compatibility layer.
--- End quote ---

Since it's ArchLinux, Qt5 should be the latest.


--- Quote ---extra/qt5-base 5.15.2+kde+r210-1 (qt qt5) [installed]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework

Also this is the version of qt5pas installed:

community/qt5pas 2.6.r65219-1
    Free Pascal Qt5 binding library updated by lazarus IDE

--- End quote ---

I doubt its a libqt5pas issue, more likely a Wayland related one.

I have noted in the past that KDE always seems a bit less Lazarus-QT5 friendly, and I find that very strange !

Newest release of Gnome on Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian all seem to be a bit more QT5/Wayland friendly, sad if Arch is heading the a different direction.  I don't test my app against Arch, takes too effort to keep a VM up to date. But sounds like I need to test more against KDE/Plasma. Sigh.


Our Qt5 lcl bindings are using some X11 calls which should be avoided. I've added helper function into LCL Qt5 IsWayland() (or similar name) to supress such calls, so it should work under pure Wayland. But, Wayland is pretty unfinished and missing a lot of calls, last time I look into eg QWindow_raise(), QWindow_activate()  does not work as expected (at least under Qt5 5.12).
EDIT: Also, such stack trace with addresses only is unuseable to me. Please compile with debug info and run through gdb so I can get some clue about crash.

We may do it this way: I asked the user to test the same on 'examples / SynEdit' project, and if user will see the same, I will give the valid issue for IDE.


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