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What the icon in the unit dependencies window means?

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In the unit dependencies window each unit has 1 of 3 possible icons ( as far as I can tell) but I couldn't find an explanation about their meaning.

What each icon means?

Looking at the sources shows that the red x icon overlay indicates that the unit has a uses clause in the implementation section.
A yellow c icon overlay indicates that there is an interface uses cycle.
A red c icon overlay (not shown in your images) indicates that there is an implementation uses cycle.


Can you point me to the source code and the exact line?

in file.../lazarus/ide/unitdependencies.pas
line 2180 (approximately, depends slightly on your version of course)
procedure TUnitDependenciesWindow.CreateTVNodes(...);

This and some other windows should have a "legend" section or button to explain the meaning of icons. They are not intuitive always.
Patches are welcome.


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