Author Topic: Most .lrt-files are ignored for the .po-file  (Read 5333 times)


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Most .lrt-files are ignored for the .po-file
« on: July 24, 2008, 11:24:46 am »
This site says "And on compile the IDE gathers all strings of all .lrt files and all .rst file into a single .po file (projectname.po or packagename.po) in the i18n directory."

On my system (Laz 0.9.25 20080722; FPC 2.2.0) however this does not happen. Only the lrt-file of the last-active form in the IDE is used. If I activate another form the strings of the first form get deleted in the po-file.
In contrast to that all rst files are used correctly.

If this is a bug, can I manually create the po-files including all lrt and rst files?


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