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Hello friends,

I'm using Lazarus (2.0.10) for Mac Os (Catalina) installed using macport. I'm trying to compile applications for Windows (64bits) using CrossCompiling. I got success for simple applications using the console, but when I compile applications that use GUI I get the following error: Prj_Teste_Visual.lpr(16.1) Error: resource compiler "x86_64-win64-fpcres" not found, switching to external mode . I cannot find this file anywhere. Shouldn't the compiler use the default fpcres? Or do I have to compile a specific one for Windows 64bits platform?


Léo Póvoa (Delphi Veteran, Lazarus Begin)

Jonas Maebe:
The default fpc configuration file automatically specifies a prefix for all external utilities when cross-compiling. You can try adding the command line parameter -XP to override the prefix to "empty" and see whether that solves it.


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