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remove outosave after compilation

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Well its not "not possible".
It is not possible with the current IDE.

But it could be added....
It would need some implementation (new featuer in the IDE), and that needs someone to do it....

Because fpc is a separate exe, it can not access the memory of the IDE. So it want know the content of any editor.

For compiling the current content of the file must be on some media (disk/volume).
And not just the current files, but all files in any uses clause.
And all files of the project must be in the expected folder structure (usually all units in the same folder / ignore packages for now).

So the ways that this could be implemented are:

- The IDE creates backups of all files
- Saves the files
- compiles
- restores the backups

That is flawed, if the IDE hits file system permissions. And it can change timestamps, upsetting revision management tools

- The IDE saves all files to a temporary location
- The files are compiled in that temp location.

For that the IDE must be informed of all files.
If there are files that the IDE does not know, then they will not be in the temp dir, and the compile fails.

Either way, it needs to be implemented.

Use Undo (Ctrl-Z). You can Undo changes in a saved file, too. Hit Ctrl-Z enough many times and you get the original contents.
Delphi IDE includes the compiler and thus can compile a file already loaded into memory.

I always save a local and/or github build version before tinkering with the code. I guess that is pretty much what wp says.

thanks to All !

at the moment  I'll follow the Juha suggestion that I did not think about  :-[.

@VTwin I usually do frequent backups, my projects have few units that makes the things easy, so I can always compare what I have changed in case of problem.

@Martin_fr I understood that it is not easy to implement such beahaviour.

thanks to all for the suggestions


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