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remove outosave after compilation

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How to remove the autosave of edited files after compilation ?

LAZARUS 2.0.12, windows 10 pro 64-bit

thank you

no way to remove autosave ?

The Lazarus IDE saves the files before compilation.
The compiler only has access to the files of the project, not to the text in the source editor of the IDE (which for all intents and purposes only resides in memory).


ok, but what I see is that if I change the code, do a run and then close file the change is written in the pas file. But my intent was just to try the effect of code modification without change the file. How can I do this ?

In delphi I can do a whole working session and do several runs and several code modifications, then when I close the project and not saving any files all come back to the initial status.


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