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[Solved] Drawing bug in radiogroup | checkgroup | groupbox border

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I can't replicate (attached image: Xubuntu 18.04 Laz/FPC 2.0.12/3.2.0 x86_64); It might be an issue of either Lxde or your particular theme/theme engine.

Thanks for your try.

--- Quote from: lucamar --- It might be an issue of either Lxde or your particular theme/theme engine.
--- End quote ---
(theme is Michaku, tried others without success,  :-\)

Really strange because I've tried with gtk3, which works fine.

But I cannot select it for regular work due to many other annoying problems like changing size of components or broken ParentColor of TPanel.
Images here, text in French but images are images, aren't ?  8)
Well, big 1st image is made with gtk3, left side is design mode, right side is running mode.
Next image shows gtk3 design, gtk3 running, gtk2 running, right panel is no more alClient.
Last image is gtk2 design mode with big size for font.

Hello world !

I wanted to use bugtracker, but it seems to be broken : everything I try returns 403 forbidden.

Even when I try that page then that : "If you already have an account, go to the login page", it's 403 which comes !

Tried on two machines, same bad results.

What can I do ?

The bugtracker is in the process of being moved from own-hosted Mantis to GitLab this weekend and so is in accessible until after the transition. Have you missed all the discussion? The svn repo is also being moved to git this weekend.


--- Quote from: trev on July 26, 2021, 09:46:17 am ---Have you missed all the discussion?
--- End quote ---
Do you know when it will be up-n-running ?


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