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Free visualisation component for saved data



  Hi Guys!

  I am working on a very very simple data logging program. (I read and save some data from an Omron controller.) I have some integer and boolean signals all are saved at every 2 seconds into a MySQL database. I am looking for a unit or program or something that could be used to visualise and treat these data.

  (Example: the user would like to see the trends of some integer and boolean values. He or she has to choose the time period and some signals that should be visualized in a graph. So I am looking for something that could do this task.)

If you have already implemented FINS protocol to read relevant tags from Omron plc, and you store data to MySQL database, then you could use Grafana ( to let your users access historical data in a nice visual dashboard experience. If you want to show historical data from your application, then you can use TAChart visual component package (


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