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[SOLVED] Removing elevated privileges

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Hello everybody. I used Lazarus to write a quite large application on Linux (everything good). But now, going to recompile with Windows, the executable produces the UAC warning. I've done a lot of testing, but I can't identify which part of my code requires elevated privileges.  Is there a quick way to locate it?

Sometimes it is only the file name. Programs with certain words in it, like setup and install, automatically get UAC.

Ok the problem was simple. I had the options project - run level - require administrator ! But the strange thing is that I don't beleave I've ever set it up  :o and also I have just verified that the default for a new project is asinvoker, both in windows and in linux. I don't understand ... however now it's ok


--- Quote from: calm_sea on July 15, 2021, 01:40:24 pm ---But the strange thing is that I don't beleave I've ever set it up  :o
--- End quote ---

Probably sometime or other you went to change another option (DPI awareness?) and changed that one by mistake. It happens when you're in a hurry ...

I did other tests, for example, create project from linux and reopen it from windows, change folder permissions, etc ... nothing ...I believe it is as you say ... hurry  :)


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