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Hello Coders,

I am looking for coders to make a file and simple message exchange  application in Lazarus.
It is a private system, not intended for a big amount of users, only 20-100 or so
My organization is currently using an old system called sonork (
Unfortunately the company does not exist any longer and can not upgrade the application to work in Windows 10 or on Mac.

I am trying to find out if it is feasible to have a similar application made. It does need all the functions of sonork, only the simple messaging and the file transfer.
I have attached a file with a simple writeup of the UI.
The server part can be a simple Apache/PHP setup, that allow the users to send messages and files when the recipient is not online.

If someone is interested, I can get funding to get a proof of concept paid for, that can be the basis for an actual quotation to make the application.



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It looks like eg. Teams, but selfhosted.

Is this correct ?


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Yes, it is self hosted
Teams? If you mean Microsoft Teams, then a small fraction of the functionality.
It is only one-to-one messages, or one to many when a group is selected as recipients
File exchange is also one-to-one only, except when sending a file to a group

Not a teamwork setup where the same file or several files are shared continuously between team members

And no integration with applications, no screen sharing etc.
The only integration with an application is if a user is receiving a PGP/GPG encrypted, then the application should save teh file and decrypt the file. PGP or GPG must already be installed and keys available, and teh PGP/GPG can already decrypt files in general. So basically a system call to run a command.


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Re: Simple Message and file exchange application for desktop - Windows + Mac
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2021, 01:45:08 pm »
Why not switch to some XMPP client and a local XMPP server?
It should fit your needs.


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