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In Zeos, the DbcResultSet is created only with open commando

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Maybe you should ask in ZEOSlib forum:
IIRC, I also asked there if I had ZEOS issues.

Hello Fantablup,

--- Quote from: Fantablup on July 11, 2021, 10:16:54 am ---I can not use any fetching of data with IZResultset or DBCResultset when sorting. So this is just no way.
The result sets will not work on undirectional results with sorting. It will not either match the row number to the query.

So, the IZResultset is just broken i would say.

--- End quote ---
No, IZResultSet is just not meant for sorting outside of the database. Use TZQuery instead. A known issuw with doSmartOpen is that it opens the Query in any case. If there is no result set, no columns will be generated.

--- Quote from: Fantablup on July 11, 2021, 12:06:35 am ---This is dumb, because you have to check the SQL text if it is a select statement.
Why not let it create a DbcResultSet in ExecSQL too if it has a result set.

Extra work for knowing if you should use Open or ExecSQL.

I wish you could use ExecSQL for both.
Because when you do not now the SQL text the user inputs, it is easier to use ExecSQL, so it works with selects and execute.

I saw earlier examples on this on Google. There they used ExecSQL for select too. But this does not work today in Zeos.

Maybe i can use Open on execute SQL's

--- End quote ---
Maybe you want to use doSmartOpen in TZQuerys Options property.

Addendum: Please ask on the Zeos forums if you need hep with Zeos ;)

Best regards,


Thanks Jan :)

I will ask them next time for sure.

I realize now that sorting is only possible in the ZQuery.
I only wish it also could get that transaction row number in it, but it seems impossible.

I am using the ZQuery now for the listing because of sorting and fetching new data, and getting the transaction row number from one IZResultset.


Also the FetchRow property don't work when setting SortedFelds. It then fetch all rows in the table.

I tried setting FetchRow to 20, and without sorting, it say 20 record.
With sorting it say all records.

Time to ask in the Zeos forum. All these things is so difficult to get through.


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