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In Zeos, the DbcResultSet is created only with open commando

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This is dumb, because you have to check the SQL text if it is a select statement.
Why not let it create a DbcResultSet in ExecSQL too if it has a result set.

Extra work for knowing if you should use Open or ExecSQL.

I wish you could use ExecSQL for both.
Because when you do not now the SQL text the user inputs, it is easier to use ExecSQL, so it works with selects and execute.

I saw earlier examples on this on Google. There they used ExecSQL for select too. But this does not work today in Zeos.

Maybe i can use Open on execute SQL's

Impossible to use Open on sql that not returning results.

This actually means i first have to create a statement, and execute it, and if it has a result set i can open it.
This means i have to open the data two times, instead of one.

I need to use the query component for sorting the result set. I can not use only the IZResultset, because it cannot sort on it's own.

Worked all night trying to get the DbcResultSet working with ZQuery.
It is just impossible.
When going to the first record the DbcResultSet is not moving until it get to the tenth record count in the query.
The same happens from the last row too.

So, i cant use DbcResultSet to anything, or even the IZResultset. Because od the sorting i need.

I got another solution.
I use the DB_KEY instead for the update of each rows.
But this can be a big problem in other DB engines. They maybe not have this kind of DB_key.

Why the f''k doesn't the DbcResultSet row in the opened query move until it goes over 10 in the record count. And going back again it stops at row 10, and will not go lower.
I almost gave up everything tonight, and throwing it all away. After over two months of work.
One frustrated dude today.

After the rest of the morning not getting it to work, i did something else.
I created a calculated field in the result query, and store the row number from the db, and not the recno. It is only the row number from the db that is valid.

I can not use any fetching of data with IZResultset or DBCResultset when sorting. So this is just no way.
The result sets will not work on undirectional results with sorting. It will not either match the row number to the query.

So, the IZResultset is just broken i would say.

I have to use the IZResultset together with the created calculated field from the query. That means also the result set is never sorted, but the query set is. And also have to work with two different result sets at the same time.

This was not good.
But this solution is working, and will work on any DB engine.

But spending all night and half of the day on this was not any fun.

The special result sets in Zeos is just not any good. Maybe i am missing something, but can't fix it. and super little info on the web.


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