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Master Detail with SQlite3

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wp: contains two master-detail tables with sqlite3. In the attachment there is a modified version in which I removed the dbNavigator of the detail table and replaced its functionality by five buttons (Insert, Edit, Delete, Post, Cancel) which use standard actions as I described above. -- It is working correctly.

Thanks for your attention wp. What you propose, I know how to do.
What I'm having trouble with in my attached source:
- By clicking on the button for adding data in the detail table, it opens a modal window containing non-DB fields.
 - in this modal window, by clicking this time on the record button, the data contained in the simple fields must be recorded in the table.
When this registered button is clicked, I am told that the "City_name" field does not exist in the master table. This is normal since it is present in the detail table.
This stops the registration process.

Is it "city-mane" or "city_name"?

It's "city_name".

Jurassic Pork:
hello folkeu08,
have you try what i have suggested in the french lazarus forum here.
Friendly, J.P


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