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FPC 3.2.2 fpc.exe antivirus false positive?

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sometimes i think, AV scanners are 'snake oil'. If you keep your system up tp date, you are on the safe side.


AV Scanners are Snake Oil.

To minimize virus and malware:

Use Linux on the desktop.
And use a good firewall.

Never had any trouble in the last 25 years with this combination.



--- Quote from: af0815 on July 06, 2021, 06:07:31 pm ---[...] If you keep your system up tp date [...]
--- End quote ---

... and you're extremely careful with what you download and execute, and take the normal "profilactic" measures ... ;)

yes, i am carefull with downloads. If i want to test new software, i use a virtual machine using snapshots before download and install software.

Linzx is good, but a lot of software is 'windows only', for my job. But in private i use more 'free live' without the stress of the pc's  8) O:-) 8-)


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