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My new unfinished DB admin app in Lazarus

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Does it handle Oracle spatial tables? I mean what happens if you do select * from table when it has a geometry column? Is the geometry coumn shown in the datagrid?

I have only created the Firebird 3 class in the application.
When the first version is finished with Firebird 3, and Firebird 4, i will add Oracle and others to it.

But it will first be ready to use with Firebird 3 and 4.

I am using whole classes for each DB and DB version, so it will be really easy to add new DB engines and DB versions to it.
I just copy the DB class and change it to the correct DB engine and DB version. And then add it to the application.

After a little more work the SQL result list look like this.

Here you can add images, or delete them, or save.

It's interesting your built-in preview functionality: do you draw the thumbnails yourself in the grid (onPaint \ embed a component like TImage in the cells that really contain a blob-image data), or do you use a component-grid that already knows how to do this?

I couldn't find any good grids that do this. I just use a TStringgrid.

I really wanted to make it like a preview that you can use as a working thing you can work on.
Image blobs and text blobs is important for this.
Next i'm gonna add text blobs.
I'm using TImage, TPicture and TBitmap for it in the arrays.
And resizing the thumb images to smaller, so it goes fast. And hold the big image in a TPicture component, so you can see it larger by clicking on it, or save it.

I just add the rows manually, and when it scrolls to a blob field, it loads from the database only once. And the next scrolling scroll fast because it already has the blob.
I use arrays with records and arrays in records to hold the data for the stringgrid.

Sorting is also implemented.

But all this hasn't been easy.
With scrolling issues on different col and row,

It's getting better and better.


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