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My new unfinished DB admin app in Lazarus

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This is one of the screenshots of my new not yet finished database admin application made in Lazarus.
This is showing the SQL editor.

This looks very nice !
Are you planning on open sourcing ?

It seems very nice

Thanks guys.

I,m not sure about opensource it. Because i have never earned a dime on all my free programs.
I had a free invoice system made in Delphi, and over 1000 company used it, but only got some small unuseful shit in the mail as thanks from some of them. It could be a small ice fishing kit that cost 5 bucks.

I stopped developing it, and removed it from web after over 10 years.
I have re-programmed it for the web with Javascript and Node js, and it is completed. I used 4 years on it. It run on any OS and the web.
I'm planning to replace the Node js with a web server i create in Lazarus, for the desktop version.
But right now i'm developing this DB admin app in Lazarus.

So, i'm not sure of opensource. I need to earn money.

Another screenshot of the DB admin app.


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