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My program won't update


Hey, I'm literally a complete beginner but we're doing Lazarus in school and I'm having some issues.
No matter what I change about the program, if I run it, the changes are not applied. The application just stays the same no matter what I do. I've been working on it for a while tho, and it was fine at first. Now it just won't update anymore. I hope there's a solution to this.

How are you running the program, from inside Lazarus or launching the exec?

If the later, are you sure you're running the newly compiled exec? It might happen, for example, that you accidentaly saved the project to a new folder but are trying to run it from the old one.

Otherwise make sure the program is really compiled anew by selecting "Run->Clean up and build", or even deleting by hand the exec and compiled units (*.o, *.or, *.ppu, etc.) before compiling.

All errors need to be corrected before a compile is successful which means it generates a new program file reflecting your changes, otherwise all you have is the last program file that was successful.


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