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Downward compatibility of applications built with Big Sur



I'm thinking about buying the Mac mini 2020 M1 with macOS Big Sur.

Am I right that my application (built with Lazarus) will only work with M1

How can I ensure that my application will also run on older systems
(Intel CPU, macOS Mojave/Catalina)? Cross-compile for Intel chips?

Thank you.


Igor Kokarev:

I also have Mac Mini on M1 chip and use it compile our app.

I compile 2 versions for my app - for Intel and M1, and then I use lipo command to create Universal Binary.

FPC and Lazarus allows you compile for x86_64 and aarch64. See target in Project Options for your app. Or use a command line - lazbuild

I tested my app - works even with High Sierra. And I think with older MacOSX versions.

In .plist file in APP bundle I added the following code:


It limits compatibility with macOS 10.10 (because I cannot test with very old versions).


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