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Save your Bugtracker/Mantis login => Reminder: Moving to GitLab


As announced we will move to GitLab soon:,55121.0.html

If you have an account on our Bugtracker (Mantis) you should act now.
We will move all existing bugs from mantis to GitLab.  If you have bugs that you reported:

Let us know your GitLab account
We can then import your bugs, with your GitLab account as reporter.

To map your gitlab user name (or ID) to the mantis user, we ask that you file an issue in the mantis project of the
current bugtracker, assign it the category gitlab, and set the summary of the bugreport to your gitlab account name or ID number (not both!).

Deadline: Before 17 july  *** EDIT: Extended: 23rd
Please help us spread the word to other FPC/Lazarus related forums and channels.

This thread is only a reminder. For conversations on the topic join the original thread.

Here is an example, how the result might look (we are still working on it / may still make small changes)

- original report
- each note (info is collapsed, expand using the arrow)

have mantis info.

The user will be mapped to the gitlab account, if you provide the info.


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