Author Topic: Rubber(Grabber) band component/control. Where is one in the LCL libs?  (Read 1329 times)


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I made a rubber band object to be used in a couple of apps of mine but I would like to use what is already in the LCL libs and there should be one there, somewhere ?

 I would like to use the one that is in the designer for example where you can drag and size your controls on the form..

 The one I made does all of this with the options of setting the colors, using DOTS over squares etc...

 Where does this exist in a form that is easy to use by simply specifying the control you want it to snap around on ?

  I corrected the heading. .Its called the Grabber in the IDE..

 In any case I just discovered it does not have options to use round dots over squares and shaded dots …

 Maybe I should just make mine as a installable component.
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