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FpDebug and LazDebuggerFp have reached version 1.0.

This means on Windows and Linux, the upcoming Lazarus 2.2 will use this as the new default debugger.

People who have configurations from prior installations already have config files containing the gdb based debugger. Those config files are not changed, and people are advised to change their debugger settings accordingly (once they upgraded)

GDB based debuggers are still fully supported, and for Windows a modified gdb of version 9.2 will be included in the installer.

None of those changes apply to Mac users.


FpDebug works with Dwarf2 and Dwarf3.
Make sure to also compile packages with the correct debug info, if you need to debug them.

Dwarf3 should be preferred, but if you switch between FpDebug and Gdb, you may want to choose Dwarf2. Gdb does have some Dwarf3 related crashes.

Dwarf2 can be "Dwarf2 and Sets"


FpDebug can not yet be used in the following cases. If you have projects to which that applies, you can change to the gdb debugger on a per project base.
In "Project options" is a debugger page, where you can select the gdb debugger.

* Debugging libraries
* Using external *.dbg debug info files

Martin, congratulations on getting the debuggers to this point of development and usability.
I know many Lazarus users would join me in thanking you, Marc (and others too, but you particularly) for all the months of work this milestone represents.


--- Quote from: howardpc on June 23, 2021, 07:53:39 pm ---thanking you, Marc (and others too, but you particularly)

--- End quote ---

Not to forget, Joost has also done some good parts. Thanks to him, there is some first ability to call functions in the debugger. (Object methods from bases in other units to not work / so sorry, but no TList.GetCount)
Also, this part is still alpha. Use at your peril.


Igor Kokarev:
Thanks, Martin!


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