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Colunns with richmemo?

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       RichMemo1.TabOrder := 4;


Good morning all
how do you make colunn  with richmemo?

I do not find

Thank you in advance for a possible response


--- Quote from: Fabius on June 22, 2021, 06:54:16 pm ---how do you make paragraphs with richmemo?
--- End quote ---
just add some text with a line-break in it.
a line break ends the current paragraph and starts a new one

If you need to change paragraph layout, then you should be using SetParaMetric method

Hello, thanks for the reply, but it doesn't seem to suit me

on the video, what i want to do colunns

i am wondering if i can do this with richedit from lazarus?

On the video there are no columns, there are tabs.
But RichMemo does support tabs as well.

Hello, thank you for the answer, I had seen this page, but I did not understand correctly
I don't understand how to make a tab
I can't find a good example with the correct spelling

you would have an example, please  :)


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