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Is there any new development for Android in Lazarus?

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Just wonder...

Is there any improvements going on in Lazarus when it comes to develop for Android in Lazarus?

I feel that now, it is not good enough.
Want to use treeviews and TSringgrid.

There has been quite a lot of updates and fixes in LAMW, almost weekly ones for some time now. Maybe not show-stoppers but important nevertheless. And IIRC there has been quite a few updates to Laz4Android, though not as many as with LAMW.

All in all, I think Lazarus/FPC is already a very valid tool for Android development; witness, this "bragging" thread, for example ;D

Thanks Lucamar :)

I will look at it.

I just wondered, because i just wanted to test it for the first time.

Study of LAMW for last five year clearly indicate that it improving day by day than
any other platform ,and it still easy to use as well as free.
I am always thankful to LAMW.
In future hope it will wise alternative to studio.


--- Quote from: rsu333 on June 21, 2021, 03:40:44 pm ---In future hope it will wise alternative to studio.

--- End quote ---

Don't see it as an alternative to Studio. ;D
See it as two halves of a whole.
Because ;
Studio and LAMW are a legendary duo that complement each other.


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