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Starting new app by using AppDemo1 as base then renaming classname fails


Robert Gilland:
I copy AppDemo1.

  gApp.Title:= 'My Android Bridges Library';
  gjAppName:= 'com.example.appdemo1';{AndroidWidget.pas}
  gjClassName:= 'com/example/appdemo1/Controls';{AndroidWidget.pas}

Then change gjAppName and gjClassName to and com/mytest/app/Controls

causes app to crash.

I just want to use AppDemo1 as a startApp, and interchange one unit at a time, until I have a working app, and I cannot get past this point.


You can create a new project and then import LAMW stuff (forms) from others app or demos...

Go to menu "Tools" --> "[LAMW]...." --> "Use/Import LAMW Stuff"

Then select some unit to be replaced for the new one....


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