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How to display HTML5 and CSS3 content in Lazarus?

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And can TMemoRich be used to create HTML5 and CSS3 content? I would like to save it in a memo field in my database.

Do you refer to edit text in HTML5 and CSS3 format or view a HTML page from HTML5 and CSS3?

To edit HTML5 or CSS3 or any syntax, the best is using Synedit (like Lazarus do) or ATSynedit.

If what you mean is saving formatted TRichMemo concent as HTML5 and CSS3 AFAIK no, TRichMemo uses the so called Rich Text Format, which is a distinct format from HTML5 and CSS3. In theory of course a formatter for HTML5 and CSS3 can be made based on the same internal tree or whatever data structure that TRichMemo uses.

A WYSIWYG HTML Editor is what I'm looking for.

Use Chromium-Browser from CEF4Delphi and set the web page in edit modus or load ckeditor or similar in a frame.


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