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Just to remark that FPC got a mention at for being used to compile an antique logic simulator written by the redoubtable Doug Jones.

It's not one I've played with. I'm currently using Logisim-Evolution to investigate the zero-opcode computer described at , and have (of course) used FPC to write an assembler for it. I don't have any particular application for this, I might at some point though investigate a RISCV emulator in Pascal as a research platform using Jonas et al's ESCAPE emulator which I've been tinkering with.


I have a logic circuit simulator in my PicPas compiler:

It has only a few components but It's designed to easily include new components.

OK, but that does appear to be quite some distance from the gate-level simulation of the tools I mentioned... it excels in a different area :-)


I've just taken a look at Doug Jones's code and it's so unbelievably primitive that it thinks that "string" is an identifier best avoided since it's used by some extended compilers... but not the one he was using.

Sadly, I think this is something which is probably best avoided... particularly since more recent equivalents are probably aware of it and have mined anything refineable.


Compiles as is with -Miso


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