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Job: fix a bug in library ported from C++


Mr. George:

I have interesting one time job for person, who know well how to convert C++ code to Pascal (Linux platform).

First, what i can supply for assistance to help solve issue faster:
VirtualBox virtual machine with preinstalled Kubuntu and other required software:

* Lazarus
* C++ compiler
* Main application written in C++ (no source code), that supports plugins ("so" files)
* C++ source code of example plugin.
VSCode config that let you compile source code of example plugin in debug mode with working breakpoints.
It will automatically start Main C++ application and load compiled "so" file as plugin.
So you will be able to examine data structures and other useful information.
* Pascal source code of similar plugin (Lazarus project).
Pascal unit that was ported from C++, contains ~1450 lines of code.
Code can be compiled without errors for windows and Linux.
Under windows, this code works fine, both x86 and x86_64.
But under Linux, it works partially (there is a bug that should be fixed).
Lazarus project includes configuration as well, that let you run Main C++ application
and load compiled "so" in debug mode, inside Lazarus you would be able to use breakpoints.
More about bug:
Pascal does not support C++ classes, inside pascal project there are records that used as compatibility layer.
It seems that under Linux, C++ host application has differences in data structure and some pascal records does not work as expected.
Main C++ application has some sort of custom variant type implementation.
Pascal code has corresponding record and it works fine under windows, but under Linux, most fields are just empty.

How we can cooperate:
Send me a PM with approximate price for this job.
Specify your country.
If it will fit my budget we will discuss details, i will show you issue remotely and then prepare VirtualBox VM image for you.
When bug will be solved, you should show remotely, that solution works in same way as i showed you a bug.
Additionally, you should share basic approach of how you found the source of issue.

Mr. George:
Status update: Offer closed.


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