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--- Quote from: marcov on June 08, 2021, 04:37:56 pm ---I'm already doing image analysis in Pascal for near on 18 years now, 15 years of that full time.

In the early days I had C dlls, but in the end I converted it all to Delphi/FPC long ago. The speed was not measurably different. Usually memory performance is dominant.

I now have C++ DLLs again, but that is not std C++ code, but a powerful combination of templates and intrinsics, mostly from

The trick they use there for kernel operations is that they use the template code for the bounderies of a kernel operation (but hardwire some parameters to 0) as for the bulk.

--- End quote ---
Thanks marcov. I did my thesis in Modula2 with a lot of low-level BIOS calls to the video card. But then I kinda moved into the C / C++ world. It's fun to be doing pointers in FPC, I like being down in the weeds.


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