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Current State of Lazarus on Apple Silicon + Future Plans ?

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So my question is how the current state of Lazarus on Apple Silicon (e.g. Apple M1) looks like and how the future looks like when talking about a native ARM64 version for apple silicon.
IMO (someone that will switch from windows to macos), the install of lazarus (native) on Apple M1 looks quite difficult compared to the windows side of things (+ linux) and therefore should be made easier (e.g. by publishing a native version).

Jonas Maebe:
The first version of FPC with macOS/ARM64 support was only recently released, so it's normal that existing Lazarus releases aren't built with it yet. The next release will probably include it, since there are no known (major) problems.

You can download a daily snapshot of the Lazarus and FPC development versions from for M1 Macs.

Sample scripts for running Lazarus and installing FPC are provided on that page. I'm not sure if you would consider that "quite difficult".

You might try

What you have to do on an M1 is also to sign the build by hand. Depending where you put your binary is stored it looks like this:

sudo codesign --force --deep --sign - /fpcupdeluxe/

Then you can select the git trunk for fpc and Lazarus. SVN will require homebrew and a few additional downloads.



--- Quote from: Jonas Maebe on June 03, 2021, 09:30:39 pm ---The next release will probably include it, since there are no known (major) problems.

--- End quote ---

What about the new Lazarus 2.2 Update and it‘s Release candidate? Will there be a stable / native installer of Lazarus + fpc in a complete Package?


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