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How tell auto-completion to insert spaces around :=

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Strange; it works as it should here. For example, if you have:

--- Code: Pascal  [+][-]window.onload = function(){var x1 = document.getElementById("main_content_section"); if (x1) { var x = document.getElementsByClassName("geshi");for (var i = 0; i < x.length; i++) { x[i].style.maxHeight='none'; x[i].style.height = Math.min(x[i].clientHeight+15,306)+'px'; x[i].style.resize = "vertical";}};} ---var  Something: Integer;begin |end;an use autocompletion to insert "Something" at the caret's position, it adds the ":=" with the proper spaces around. But, of course, only if you have "Add assignment operator" checked in "Identifier completion" (right below "Space" in CodeTools options).

After some tries, it turned out that the codetools->Space setting works for auto-completion. I did not check two checkboxes for 'Symbol'.


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