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أرجُو أن يكون هذا القِسم من المُنتدى المكان المُناسب لتقديم الإقتراحات والطلبات. جاءتني رسالة من أحد الأعضاء تبيّن أنّهُ عربي وإقترح تقديم طلبٍ لفتح قسم بالعربيّة في قسم اللغات لمساعدة الأعضاء العرب الذين لا يُجيدون الإنجليزيّة ويبدو أنّ هناكـ عدداً من الأعضاء العرب ولذا أُقدّم هذا الطلب وللإدارة دراسة أبعاد ذلكـ المُستقبليّة وما يلزم ،وشُكراً.

google translate:

"I hope this section of the forum will be the appropriate place for submitting suggestions and requests. I received a letter from one of the members indicating that he is Arab and suggested submitting a request to open an Arabic section in the language department "section" to help Arab members who are not fluent in English, and it seems that there are a number of Arab members, so I submitted this request and the administration has to study the future dimensions of that and what is needed, and thanks."


...or alternatively one for people who apparently speak Google :-)


إنّها مُحاولة قانونيّة ولن نخسر شيئا ،فإن تمّت المُوافقة على الطلب وكان هناكـ عدد من الأعضاء العرب في المُنتدى فسيتم تغذية هذا القسم العربي بالمعلومات بصياغة عربيّة تكون ذات فائدة للقارئ العربي ،وإن لم تتم المُوافقة فرُبّما من خشية أنْ يكون هناكـ قسمٌ زائد وغير نشط في المُنتدى.

google translate:

"It is a legal attempt and we will not lose anything. If the request is approved and there are a number of Arab members in the forum, this Arabic section will be fed with information in an Arabic form that will be of interest to the Arab reader, If not, it may be out of fear that there will be an excess and inactive section of the forum."

I don't have any vote but I think it's a good idea.After all we already have several of them and while they can not be said to be very active they are rather helpful for people whose English is not that good.

Though a major problem, perhaps, would be to find an arabic-speaking moderator with enough knowledge of SMF tools and the forum internal "rules" to know what's appropiate and what not. That will require some training for whoever volunteers and perhaps some work from the other moderators, who (like most of us) are already somewhat lacking enough free time ...


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