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I’m sure you have all heard about the stampede of foss projects from freenode to libera by now because of some squabble between the staff and owner.

I advise caution in this matter for the following reasons. There are a lot of unanswered questions about who is responsible and who really is financing for the Libera servers.

The former staff of freenode use GitHub which is owned by Microsoft who helped destroy pascal as the popular language that it once was by poaching the developers from Borland who were developing Delphi.

There is a good possibility that parties that are not friends of free software are paying for the trolls and spam attacks on freenode.

This whole situation warrants a more thorough investigation before blindly abandoning Freenode irc channels.

Didn't we already have an "announcement" about this? Not in these terms and with a different level of paranoia (whether merited or not), but ... ::)


--- Quote from: Joanna on May 30, 2021, 02:30:17 am ---Microsoft who helped destroy pascal as the popular language that it once was by poaching the developers from Borland who were developing delphi.

--- End quote ---

The fundamental idea is that FreePascal, Lazarus and its community should remain independent of politically correctness and abide to freedom of speech. That was already available on freenode. I heard that there isn't enough staff to handle both libera and freenode, but that is false. The #fpc channel on freenode worked very well up until now, it had interesting discussions, a lot of freedom and debate on many subjects, which was great. It has been defended against trolls with active efforts on the channel for the chance of keeping the small community on IRC together and not demoralized by shills.

Why isn't it good enough? The move is purely political. It is not something technical. And you are moving in the den of the enemy. I want to remind you that in open source there is this small category of programmers that fight for a cause. I fall into that one and Joanna does, too. You might call us conspiracy theorists or crazy people, but check out the history and the perspective on longer term, not based on impulse and social trends and you will see that things might not be as they seem in haste at first sight.

M$ has the mentality of an empire, a corporate empire and their purpose is to conquer everything, nowadays open source being one of their greatest targets. It saw that it can't bust it to the ground as it did with other companies/corporations, so now they befriend it so that they can corrupt its principles through money and promises of grandeur to programmers that fall into this trap.
From what I know, Libera uses an IP owned by Github which in turn is owned by M$. Now please remember the history of Delphi and what M$ and Bill Gates did to Borland, Embarcadero, the Delphi IDE and the Object Pascal language.

M$ bought the architect of Delphi, Anders Hejlsberg, and they built the C# language inspired by Object Pascal, and the .NET platform inspired by RTL and VCL. The legend says that he was given $3 million just to come over to M$. Then they bought the 2nd man after him with $1.5 million. Then they took another 34 key developers from Borland. Afterwards they infiltrated management and had the company into taking bad decisions such as building their own buggy C# compiler and running always as a karaoke singer after the technologies that M$ was building. Then Delphi 2005 was the complete mess that resulted from all this.

M$ is known for doing these things to companies, corporations and to open source projects now.

You have to look on the long term for keeping the independence of communication and of the programming language from these mischievous strategies and tactics. If you think FreePascal and Lazarus doesn't have their enemies, then you are blinding yourselves intentionally.

Yet, interestingly enough, you're both "new members" in this forum which, along with the mail lists, is the primary FPC/Lazarus users communication channel ... Curioseur and curioseur

Nevertheless, my point is that this thing about freenode isn't exactly "news":  we all (or at least those interested enough) know about this.

All the rest is, you'll excuse me the frankness, plain "we must fight the empire!!!" rhetoric. And not very exact, at that.

ETA: And then I'm breaking my own rule of "never feed a troll" (or two). My excuses to the normal people ... :-[

EATA: I know you're not really a troll, Denis, but come on ... unless someone elese has hijacked your account ...

I imagine that IRC users use that facility more than they use the Forum and so may forever be "new users" here ;)


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