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OpenSSL Win dll (libeay32.dll / ssleay32.dll) old version with Lazarus 2.0.12


I noticed that the last version of Lazarus (2.0.12) installs an old version of the OpenSSL Windows libraries (libeay32.dll / ssleay32.dll):
    DLL version:
    OpenSSL corresponding version: 1.0.2j
    Release year: 2016

The last available version of these dll files I could find ( is:
    DLL version:
    OpenSSL corresponding version: 1.0.2u
    Release year: 2019

Is there a reason for this?

I am asking this also because I have an FPC program that uses the following version:
    DLL version:
    OpenSSL corresponding version: 1.0.2p
    Release year: 2018
This program -using this version- have been working perfectly on many Windows computers, but it wasn't able to make https connections on a specific Windows 10 Pro.
I fixed the problem by downgrading the dll files to version which is the one installed by Lazarus!

Is it a known issue?
Is that why Lazarus still installs version of these dll files?

I have a similar issue.
Any tip from the developer team?

You can forget about OpenSSL DLLS and use Windows native wininet for web retrieval instead.

I didn't know about the "WinInet way", thanks!

But how do you handle a HTTPS POST connection with WinInet?
In other words, how can you get a similar behavior to TFPHTTPClient.FormPost(const URL: string; FormData: TStrings): RawByteString; ?

Can you give an example?

I'm more of a macOS user, but had to come up with a way to do it in Windows without the OpenSSL DLL hell. As for using post, my first Google result yielded:


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