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Alternative to use FPSpreadsheet with Excel 2019 (office 360)


I am working on a GUI project where I use the library FPSpreadsheet. The GUI works very well with excel 2003 (I notice that FPSpreadsheet is compatible with it: Using excel 2019 (office 360) is reporting so many bugs, charts, and many information is not reported.

I would like to know if there are alternatives to use this library with the current version of excel. I have tried with Tkinter but no success.

Thank you.

These are some libs which I came across, but never used:

* (commercial)
*, (free)

There are more commercial Delphi components by the big players, TMS etc., I don't know if they work with Lazarus.

Jurassic Pork:
you can try to use office automation
Friendly, J.P


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