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Programmer for your psychological experiment (Behavior Analysis and alike)


Hi everyone,

My name is Rafael Picanço, I have a doctorate in psychology (Behavior Analysis), and I am selling software development services here in Brazil and worldwide. My portfolio includes several projects (experiments and research agendas), for example:

- Schedules of Reinforcement
- Matching to Sample
- Stimulus Equivalence
- Relational Frames
- Discount/Demand
- Eye tracking and Stimulus Control
- Group of Participants in Culture and Operant Control
- Pavlovian Spacial Induction
- Lag
- Span (Memory)

- I develop for Windows and Linux;
- I have basic experience with PLP,  RS-232, USB and COM protocols (communication with external devices);
- I have basic experience in Android using Castle Game Engine;
- No experience with iOS and OSX yet (I don't have the machines for testing  :( ).
- I have basic experience with ZMQ and networking.
- I have basic experience with DBMS.
- I have experience with software requirements for Autism Services.

Please, send me your project and ask me for a quotation. You can contact me here in this forum or using my personal contacts:

WhatsApp: +5591999687692


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