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RXDBcombobox issue



In my application I use SQLLite3 with Zeos access. It works fine and I enjoy working with it.
I want to display some options for the user; 25m and 50m. But in the table it should be stored as 0,1.
The field I defined as VARCHAR(2).
On the form I inserted a RXDBCombobox set the values to 0 and 1. The items to 25 and 50.
It works but when the dropbox comes down and I choose a value it fires thousand of
procedure TCustomDBComboBox.UpdateData(Sender: TObject);
And the program fills the stack and stops.

Any hint where to look is highly appreciated?

 :) I dropped this TRXDBCombobox component. I used the TComboBox editingdone instead. And further on updating the dataset I switched the itemindex of the combo.
Does the same - no tricks - plain readable code.


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