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Lazaruz and Firebird should be more popular

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I just don't understand why it exists no jobs here in Sweden for Lazarus. Some is for Delphi.
And no one is using Firebird here in Sweden.
It just blow my mind. It truly does.

Firebird is the most stable DB engine i ever have worked with.
Lazarus is so good for development. After leaving Delphi because of prices for billionairs, i switched to Lazarus.
The only big thing is the grids and DBgrids. These can not have multiple lines or expand rows in columns or extra components in it.
I have been wondering about creating a grid component that behave like a flex or grid used in CSS.

Some limitations here, but Lazarus just rocks big time on development speed.

And the TIOBE index is just something that is faulty. Mixing width Delphi/Pascal in the index destroys all info on Pascal. No one can see how it goes for Pascal. Neither for Delphi.
Is there some agreement with TIOBE for not showing pascal and Lazarus? I just wonder. It just feel like it is.
This also means that new developers don't look at Pascal or Lazarus because of no good index on it.

just love to develop in Lazarus. I have tried it several times before, but now i use it every time.

The Lazarus team has done a great job on it. It should be more popular in the near future.

Lazarus should be more, but Firebird not.
Reason: in case of database back-ends stick to mainstream.
( and Firebird is certainly not the most stable...)

Thanks for reply.

Firebird is my personal experience when i sold an invoice program that was used by over thousand users, and did not crash or had any corrupt data in 12 years.

I totally agree that following the mainstream often is the thing. I use Firebird just because it is so stable, and so super-easy to also install on computers and small devices as embedded. Firebird is the only DB engine that can do that with 9 MB'ish install.
The only thing about FB, is that it is not on shared servers, so users can develop with it on their website.

I'm using other DB engines too, but i like FB the best.

I'd suggest that starting a database war would not be a good idea for a newcomer to this forum.

My experience with Firebird a few years ago was that it had several well-prepared manuals in .pdf form, covering different versions and use cases... and that one needed all of them to get anywhere at all, with little indication of which erratum or supplement contained what one was looking for.

It's definitely got its good points, but making itself accessible to somebody trying to work out whether it's any use for what he's doing isn't- or certainly wasn't- one of them.

As Thaddy says, my inclination is to stick to the mainstream: SQLite for local stuff, PostgreSQL for anything which might possibly need multiuser or remote access.


Database war?

I just said i like FB, and it's the best and most stable DB engine i have worked with.
No need to punch me for that :)

I use SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and others too. But i like FB best of all.

As i already said i agree with doing mainstream. I do that myself when needed.
I use FB when i also need embedded.

Nothing wrong using any other DB engine, so don't start any war  :)


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